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Mani’s Foremost historic hotel

Housed in a fully restored nineteenth century building complex, just off the southernmost tip of Mani, in rural Greece, Kyrimai Hotel combines traditional architecture with modern comfort. Its rooms face Mani’s crystal-blue sea as well as its glorious landscape, while its one-of-a-kind menu embraces local elements that have stood the test of time, but with a modern twist.

Sleep to the sound of waves

As it has been built so close to the sea, Kyrimai offers its visitors a unique experience, in that they can be almost literally lulled by the waves that hit the shore right next to the hotel grounds. The view of the crystal blue sea is a constant, while swimming in the Maniot sea is a joy you will not be likely to forget anytime soon.

Mani never tasted better

Our hotel’s menu is among the things that the Kyrimai team takes most pride in. Combining familiar, traditional tastes with a sense of innovation, our dishes aim to please the modern visitor, but also give him or her an authentic experience of Mani’s joys and culture.

Timeless Mani

The Kyrimai Hotel can be found just a few kilometers from the southernmost point of the Cape Tainaron, where the Ionian Sea meets the Aegean. On the same latitude as southern Sicily and the straits of Gibraltar, it is a place of unusual beauty, with a unique cultural identity and its own, distinctive architectural style.


We explore Mani in a different way! In collaboration with Mani Water Sports we organize unique activities such as hiking trails, boat trips, sea kayak trips and electric bike trips. We discover the underwater world of our place with diving guided tours and lessons.