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Timeless Mani

The Kyrimai Hotel can be found just a few kilometers from the southernmost point of the Cape Tainaron, where the Ionian Sea meets the Aegean. On the same latitude as southern Sicily and the straits of Gibraltar, it is a place of unusual beauty, with a unique cultural identity and its own, distinctive architectural style.

While staying at Kyrimai, you can also visit some of these beautiful nearby destinations:

You can visit the remains of the ancient city, such as the Acropolis and the theatre, but the modern city is also worth your time, what with sights such as its picturesque central square, the Archaeological museum, the Olive museum and the magnificent plain and mountains that spread around it.

Visit the awe-inspiring ruins of an abandoned city that was built in the 13th century, on the east side of Mount Taiyetos.

A historic township and the foremost port of the Laconian gulf, known for its lighthouse as well as other historic sights. Tip: Enjoy a swim in Mavrovouni, then have some octopus and ouzo in Gytheion.

A small township in the eastern Peloponnese, two hours drive from Kyriamai. It is famous for the beautiful byzantine castle that is built on an islet and that is still inhabited to its day. The stone castle is also known for its nightlife.

A seaside village in Messinian Mani, renowned for its beautiful, verdant landscape, but also for its noteworthy architecture. An hour’s drive from Kyrimai - the route itself is unforgettable.

Neo Oitylo:
A beautiful Maniot village, built on top of a hill, with a stunning view of the Limenio bay. Tip: swim at Karavostasi beach and try the fresh fish in one of its little taverns.

Diros Cave:
The site actually consists of three different caves, 10km from the town of Gytheion. Within these caves runs a 1.6 km-long subterranean river, while the cave itself, with their stalagmites and stalactites and the stunning colors make for a unique experience.

A historic village in Eastern Mani, with a number of century-old churches and a bundle of wonderful traditional products. It is famous for being the starting point of the War of Independence, back in 1821.

Areopolis’ harbor and home to the historic Mavromichalis family, whose famous tower can still be found there today. One of the most beautiful traditional villages of the region. Excellent for swimming and dining.

Quite possibly the most photographed of all Maniot villages, Vatheia is famous for its traditional architecture and the wonderful towers that stand in battle formation. The natural landscape that spreads around it is also awe-inspiring.

One of Mani’s most beautiful seaside settlements, with great beaches and a charming natural landscape.

Porto Kagio:
Mani’s southernmost natural port. Known since the age of Homer, it is a peaceful and picturesque spot, well worth visiting. Tip: take a swim, then try fish in the beautiful bay.

Tainaron / Paliros:
Cape Tainaron, also known as Cavo Matapas, is the southernmost tip of continental Greece, known for its awesome beauty. In ancient times, it was said to be the site of the entrance to Hades. It was also the site of the eponymous sea battle of 1941. Paliros is a picturesque village on the north side of the eponymous bay, just off the Tainaron cape. Tip: take a swim in the little inlet to the right of the ruined temple of Poseidon. Then try lunch at the local tavern.

Ano Boularioi - Peppo - Leontaki:
Hiking along the famous paths that link these traditional villages is a unique experience.

Alika - Lagia - Kokkala - Nyfi - Kotronas:
Get to know the traditional, picturesque side of Eastern Mani.

Stavri - Aghia Kyriaki:
Walk along the traditional path to Tigani (Greek for frying-pan) point and enjoy the view from the top of the rock, close to the ruins of a Byzantine Church.

Kippoula - Charouda - Erimos:
Kippoula is among Mani’s oldest settlements. Charouda is renowned for the paleo-christian temple of Sotiras (The Saviour) and the 11th century temple of Taxiarchis, with its unusual yet impressive architecture. Erimos is also known for its Byzantine church. All three settlements are charming and picturesque.

Take a swim in the cool waters and relax in the cave to the right of the extraordinary pebbled beach.

Here, you can swim in the picturesque little bay, with its fine coloured shingle.


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